Who Are We?

Allure Interiors, founded in July 2007, provides a variety of Interior Design Services to Residential and Retail Customers. The founder of Allure Interiors, Connie Sloma, strives to provide the very best service by listening to you and providing design solutions, which is implemented by a team of professionals, to ensure that the design reflects "Designs the way you want to live!

What Do We Do?

During our initial discussions we will get acquainted and discuss your design project. We will then take the time to address any questions regarding the project at hand. We will seek to discover your personal style, likes and dislikes and the scope of the project. After we have completed the fact finding process, we will give you a quote. It's that simple!

Achieving Success!

We strive for excellence in each and ever project. The most important part of any project is communication. We listen, we act. We believe the foundation for a satisfied customer is exceeding their expectation level for the project. Applying your vision with an Allure Interiors design professional and bring it to fruition is our ultimate goal. We want you to be happy in your space, plain and simple!